Top 5 VPN Service Providers

The market of VPN services is consequently expanding with the rising demand for effective ways of making your internet browsing safe and secure, while more internet users appear to be using VPN services for adding an extra level of protection and security to their online activities. To narrow down the search for some of the best VPN service providers, we have compiled a list of top 5 VPN services available on the market.


SaferVPN is one of the top VPN services, while its name supports the main feature of this VPN – safety. When it comes to security, SaferVPN might be one of the top choices, additionally offering PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN and IKEv within SaferVPN protocols. PPTP works on supporting streaming video content effectively, which is why SaferVPN is deemed to be one of the top choices among VPNs for streaming videos in a secure, safe and enabled instant connectivity. While users usually choose PPTP protocol for streaming videos, OpenVPN protocol is commonly used for additional security, which is perhaps the greatest advantage that SaferVPN has as opposed to competitor VPN services.

As far as the price concerned, SaferVPN has some of the most affordable packages for different purposes, while users can take advantage of occasional discounts as they are choosing the VPN package to suit their needs and requirements. For enterprise needs in case of more complex requirements, users can choose between Business package and Enterprise package, with Enterprise package offering customized programs and access via cloud service. Besides from being one of the most cost-effective VPN solutions, this service is also suitable for beginners who are yet not familiar with VPNs. SaferVPN has a growing network of around 700 servers across more than 30 countries, backed up by a customer service available for users 24/7.


  • Fast streaming and downloading
  • Perfect for streaming video content
  • Affordable service
  • Customer support available 24/7
  • Several types of VPN packages to choose from
  • Suitable for beginners with user-friendly interface
  • Protection and security guaranteed
  • Five accounts can connect via one account


  • May not be a top choice for P2P
  • Functionality of service may depend on the user’s country
  • S0me servers may have limited potential in terms of speed – mostly P2P servers
  • Configuration options are limited for some countries

HideMyAss (HMA) VPN

HideMyAss or otherwise known as HMA, is another one of top VPN services with over 900 servers across nearly 190 countries. The VPN service has an UK office with four specialized servers for video streaming set to enable users to watch their favorite video content without delays. HMA is commonly used for accessing video streaming websites such as Netflix, however, although Netflix can be easily accessed via HMA servers, video streaming sites such as Amazon Videos and Hulu are blocking the service, which is one of the downfalls noted in the functionality of HideMyAss VPN. HMA is user friendly and has an instant connection mode feature that works by connecting users to the most functional and fastest server. Download speed for US servers is commonly measured up to 70 Mbps and the upload speed of 10 Mbps, while the UK servers measure around 50 Mbps for download speed and nearly 9 Mbps for upload.

When it comes to torrenting and P2P, HMA has specialized servers previously optimized for P2P operations. What is not ideal when it comes to HMA VPN, is the fact that the service is recording parts of users’ log time, which takes a part of privacy from users and might not be the most favorite flaw for users who would like to keep their browsing, streaming and torrenting anonymous. Despite the fact that HMA does not enable complete anonymity for P2P activity, the security of the service is backed by military-level encryption, keeping users safe from hackers and adding another layer of security to browsing. In order to help users protect themselves from external tracking and monitoring, HMA has a feature called IP shuffling. IP shuffling automatically changes IP addresses within specific period of time.


  • User-friendly interface and easy navigation
  • Offers useful features such as IP shuffling
  • Affordable VPN services
  • Fast download and upload speed
  • Perfect for video streaming
  • Specialized servers for P2P operations
  • High-standard military-level encryption for utmost security and safety
  • Freedom mode allows users to ignore censorship imposed by governments
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Keeping parts of users’ log time which means there is a reduced level of privacy and anonymity
  • Not all of the 900+ servers have a reliable connectivity
  • Cannot access all premium video streaming websites such as Hulu or Amazon Videos
  • Service not functional in China
  • Pricings may be higher when compared to average prices for similar and same services


PureVPN has over 2000 servers across the globe with headquarters in Hong Kong and affordable pricing for VPN services. The service is also generous when it comes to offering discounts to users alongside already having some of the most competitive prices in the market of VPNs. All major operative systems are supported, such as Mac and Windows, while PureVPN provides support for Linux, including the less popular systems. The maximum number of devices supported by a single account is five, with VPN protecting the privacy and security of all connected devices at the same time. Additionally, the VPN service also offers five different operational modes, of which the streaming mode has proven to be the fastest so users may gain easy access to video streaming websites.

Another one of the positive sides to PureVPN is the fact that this service is not exposed to the laws regarding data retention, so users can rely on having their privacy backed. The service is effectively used for P2P and torrenting, streaming, downloading and uploading with a favorable download and upload speed reaching 30 Mbps for downloading and up to 10 Mbps for uploading. When it comes to security of PureVPN, the service enables users to choose the level of their security by themselves, choosing from military-grade protection to completely removing encryption. The company also offers 24/7 customer support, and protection against data leaks. Users may even choose to pay for the service via cryptocurrency in the spirit of unlimited privacy and anonymity.


  • Kill switch that works automatically for additional protection
  • Five different operational modes
  • Over 2000 different servers
  • Doesn’t keep users’ logs and keeps the privacy of users in check
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Cryptocurrency is one of the available payment methods
  • Numerous features for improved servicing
  • Strong security and military-grade protection
  • Users can choose security levels
  • Support for all commonly used operating systems
  • Ad blocker and malware blocking available in the service


  • DNS leaks may occur in case some features are active at the same time, such as Ozone and Gravity features
  • Customer support might take more time to respond


FastestVPN service has around 35 different servers in nearly 30 countries with the headquarters located in the Cayman Islands. Although FastestVPN service has a fewer number of servers in oppose to other competitor VPN services on the list and beyond, available features and operational strength are making up for that lack. One of the best features offered by this service is the ultimate privacy for all users, which means that FastestVPN is not keeping logs of any kind.

Users may rely on the fact that their DNS queries, traffic, downloading and streaming, as well as browsing history, would remain private and secured, while available only for account owners alone. The service interface is user friendly, which includes simple and easy navigation and transparent options. Your chosen server is always clearly displayed, while you can easily switch from you preferred server to one of the available 35. Although fast browsing, downloading, and streaming is enabled with FastestVPN, the service may have some bugs with closing connections in regard to kill switch, where responsiveness of the system might fail at times. One of the major advantages that FastestVPN has is successful blocking of DNS leaks and IP addresses.


  • Fast download and upload, streaming and browsing speed
  • Pricing under 1$ per month for 5-year package subscription
  • Privacy and security guaranteed
  • Ability to block DNS and IP address leaks
  • User-friendly interface with transparent options


  • Windows app might experience bugs in terms of response
  • Less configuration options when compared to similar VPN providers
  • Might not manage to access Netflix streaming and similar video streaming websites


Suitable for beginners who might have never used VPN, VeePN has an extremely user-friendly interface with transparent commands and listed features and modes. While the majority of VPN services offer up to five simultaneously connected devices via one account, VeePN enables simultaneous connection for up to ten different devices within a single account ownership. The application for this service offers various features and modes for a more customized and personalized experience, so users can choose to switch on or off DNS leak protection, disable or enable kill switch, change their subscription and access more settings for improved configuration. Moreover, VeePN has over 2500 different servers with high-speed performance across around 50 countries.

VeePN is not keeping logs of users’ activities, guaranteeing anonymity and privacy while using 256-bit encryption for protecting the security of users. When it comes to accessing video streaming websites, users might have troubles with accessing websites such as Netflix or Hulu, however, HBO Go is fully accessible through the service. VeePN this presents a secure option for browsing, downloading and more or less video streaming, also representing a favorable option for torrenting and P2P activities.


  • Supports up to 10 different devices for simultaneous connection from a single account
  • Can bypass the firewall of China
  • Compatible with most operative systems and popular browsers
  • Fast download and upload speed
  • Strong military-level security with 256-bit encryption
  • Does not keep users’ logs
  • Over 2500 fast-operating servers
  • Fast and responsive customer support
  • Great choice for torrenting and P2P
  • Multiple payment methods, including cryptocurrency


  • Cannot access major video streaming websites such as Netflix and Hulu
  • Less configuration options when compared to similar VPN providers
  • May experience slower traffic with heavy downloading