Most Transparent Cryptocurrency Exchanges: The Ultimate List of Exchanges by Transparency Levels

Cryptocurrency investments wouldn’t be possible without cryptocurrency exchanges that serve the purpose of posing as intermediaries for buying, selling and exchanging of cryptocurrency. When it comes to choosing the most suitable crypto exchange for your needs, the rule “one size fits all” does not apply as there are numerous factors and features that create substantial differences between various exchanges available in the cryptoverse.

The overall suitability and functionality of crypto exchanges is also measured in various ways, however, transparency in the spirit of decentralized nature of blockchain-based digital assets, is an important feature that should be used in advantage of cryptocurrency traders and investors. Transparent exchange markets with tools and features that enable full availability of key metrics regarding the market of digital assets are deemed best choices for trading and investing.

Here is a list of some of the most transparent cryptocurrency exchanges that stand out through levels of transparency and accessibility of crucial crypto market data.

1. is fully transparent cryptocurrency exchange with additional services in the domain of cryptocurrency loans. The ecosystem of exchange is powered by DTR tokens (Dynamic Trading Rights), specially designed to serve the purpose of settling fees for trading on exchange. DTR is also used as collateral for crypto loan service where users can use this ERC20 type token as collateral in exchange for EURS or USDT loans. Moreover, exchange achieves complete transparency by burning tokens (DTR units) that are used for settlement of trading fees on the exchange, automatically destroying all collected DTR units.

The process is fully transparent and all tokens previously used for trading fees are being cryptographically destroyed through a process described as token burn or cryptocurrency destruction. DTR tokens that are destroyed this way are regulating the value of exchange official ERC20 token, while these units cannot be used for transactions any longer. Transparency of the process is achieved by allowing verification of all burned tokens using etherscan as all DTR smart contracts are located on Ethereum platform. All tokens that are being burned are sent to blackhole addresses that no one has ownership to, so these destroyed tokens can’t be reused and are no longer a part of circulating DTR units.

Additionally, exchange displays all crucial crypto market data considered to be useful for both experienced investors and those who are only beginning with trading and investing in cryptocurrency assets. Trading volumes based on daily changes, price changes and live price updates for 24-hour periods, market capitalization of listed cryptocurrencies and live real-time price charts are all available on while users can also create their watchlist and follow up with favorite digital assets and trading pairs. also grants reliability of all listed information and offers high accessibility to all key data, which includes trading volumes for all listed trading pairs. Moreover, transparency regarding token burns is justified through availability of information on token burns not only through etherscan, Ethereum’s blockchain explorer, but also in having all information on token destruction available on website.

Information on the website includes the time and date of every token burn, the number of tokens executed under the given period of time, as well as raw transaction data. Additionally, transaction volumes on can be checked for reliability of information through calculating trading volumes of DTR in relation to the number of DTR units used for fees for the same time period – these units are automatically destroyed through the described process. Alongside complete transparency, exchange is created to represent a safe and secure environment with all needed features and tools for trading and investing in digital assets, including available creation of personalized orders.

2. Kucoin

As the market of digital assets is expanding and cryptocurrency is becoming more popular year to year, there are numerous choices regarding which cryptocurrency exchange to use for trading. Kucoin is definitely among some of the most popular digital asset exchanges, representing a state-of-the-art platform for buying and selling cryptocurrency. Kucoin exchange has a native token called Kucoin Shares, traded under the symbol KCS. KCS units are being used on the network, but can also be stored and exchanged. KCS is also acting like shares, so KCS holders are eligible for getting bonuses that resemble dividends, for holding KCS units.

Kucoin exchange also has a worked-out plan for token burn, destroying KCS units used on the exchange so inflation could be avoided. Moreover, KCS token burns are assuring that the value of these tokens is being regulated. Token burns take place on a quarterly basis, however, there is a lack of transparency in the entire process since users can’t verify the exact number of burned tokens with certainty. As far as key cryptocurrency data concerned, Kucoin has adequate tools for traders and investors, including non-altered information straight from the market.

Kucoin showcases live information regarding highs and lows within 24-hour periods, market capitalization, trading volumes, the last price on a daily basis as well as daily price changes expressed in percentage for all available trading pairs. Kucoin also features a special program for institutional investors, creating a favorable environment for cryptocurrency investments and trades. Kucoin also has a discount plan for holders of their native token, giving away 1% discount on fees for holders that have over 1000 KCS units at the time of settling trading fees.

3. BitStamp

Bitstamp is definitely one of the pioneer cryptocurrency exchanges, operating since 2011 with a single base in Slovenia which gradually led to becoming an international exchange for digital asset trading with numerous offices across the globe. The exchange is fully regulated, which provides more points in domain of security. When it comes to trading volumes, Bitstamp is taking a spot among the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges. Additionally, Bitstamp is transparent and allows fiat to crypto exchanges and vice versa, while nearly all digital assets circulating across the exchange are stored in cold storage with high-end encryption protecting all users’ data. Users can also manage their cash directly to and from their bank accounts, given the fact that the exchange is regulated and operating under the laws.

There are no daily withdrawal limits, while all displayed trading volumes are based on real-time data. The exchange has a rather simple and user-friendly interface, so orders and trades are being easily made. Bitstamp also has some of the most competitive trading fees, which additionally places the exchange among the top users’ favorite. Bitstamp offers high range APIs so users can easily trade cryptocurrency based on their personal preferences, in addition to having a special program for professional traders. Moreover, Bitstamp offers international support through email or phone, so all users may contact Bitstamp support center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.