Trezors Bitcoin Only Firmware

All interested users can now download the Bitcoin-only firmware by SatoshiLabs, creator of the hardware wallet Trezor, the company said.

Bitcoin is on Samsung Galaxy S10

After announcing its plans earlier in August, South Korean tech giant Samsung appears to have already added support for Bitcoin and another 32 coins to its Blockchain Wallet for the Galaxy S10 smartphone.

Bitcoin Drops Bellow USD 10.000

Bitcoin has tumbled below the key USD 10,000 mark, with its prices plummeting by USD 600 in just half an hour – although optimistic traders say they intend to “buy the dip.”

90% of Clients Use Crypto for Speculation

It’s not a secret that crypto still has a way to go before its use for everyday transactions will catch up with speculative demand.

Someone bought 45 BTC for 14 USD

Users of Singapore-registered cryptocurrency exchange BitMax (39th by reported trading volume) are scratching their heads as it looks like someone managed to buy 45 bitcoins for USD 14 today, which would normally cost USD 458,100.

BTC rewards are spreading

There are new announcement coming in every day showing major partnerships being made which help cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption.