Top 3 Underrated ERC20 Tokens: Top Choices for ERC20 Tokens You Might Not Heard About

ERC20 represents a technical standard used for creating new tokens by using smart contracts. This token standard is a signature of one of the top blockchain-based platforms, Ethereum (ETH), and may serve the purpose of appointing various utilization to different ERC20 tokens. ERC20 tokens are compliant with Ethereum network and are hosted on Ethereum’s mainnet. There are over 130,000 different ERC20 tokens on the mainnet, however, majority of these has limited utilization while many are also inactive and are not being used out of different reasons. On the long list of ERC20 tokens, there are still valuable projects that serve different purposes and that can be also traded and exchanged for other forms of cryptocurrency and tokens in the live market of digital assets.

Here are the top 3 underrated ERC20 tokens that carry a strong value, but are little known or even anonymous to wider audiences of ERC20 traders and crypto investors in general.

1. Dynamic Trading Rights (DTR)

Dynamic Trading Rights token with a thicker DTR is a native token to exchange and is designed and issued in accordance with ERC20 compliance and thus hosted on Ethereum network. The main objective behind the project is to assure that cryptocurrency traders and investors are embracing transparency within a trustworthy and reliable marketplace of digital assets. Moreover, DTR serves the purpose of playing a key asset of ecosystem, representing a native token of the exchange set to be used for making deposits and covering fees. exchange also offers crypto lending service where DTR is used as a primary asset for leaving collateral in exchange for taking a loan in the form of EURS or USDT. Additionally, DTR might be described as the first token among equal ERC20 tokens on platform as the exchange is trying to push forward the idea that ERC20 tokens represent valuable assets in the economy of blockchain, cryptocurrency and beyond.

As far as the progress of DTR in the market concerned, the token has found a flattering place in the wide ecosystem of digital assets, showcasing favorable gains and stability in market trends with returns on investments going above 46%. The market capitalization for DTR is 42,6 million dollars on the circulating supply of 1,52 billion DTR units. The total circulating supply of DTR token is 2,608,527,629 DTR units.

DTR units that are being used for covering fees on exchange, are being bought off in the market and are set to be cryptographically destroyed – the process also known as coin/token burn. By burning, i.e. cryptographically destroying DTR units used for settlement on exchange, the value of DTR is being regulated within relation between supply and demand. DTR, as any other cryptocurrency, token or digital asset can also be stored, exchanged for other cryptocurrency or used for its intended purpose.

With relaxed KYC policy, users may create their accounts in a simple, fast and easy manner and start using the perks of highly accessible cryptocurrency information and key data, as well as gain access to top cryptos and ERC20 tokens, including the native token for fee settlement, DTR. exchange also hosts ICO projects and offers two different programs, one of which is free and includes community voting.


  • DTR has its intended purpose and as such is a valuable asset of ecosystem
  • Active ERC20 token with determined goal and objective
  • Determined utilization as DTR is used for covering fees on
  • Market price stability, as opposed to regular trends in the market
  • High returns on investments calculating from the date of issuance
  • DTR is supporting transparency, trustworthiness, and security within exchange
  • Active token burns of DTR units used for fee settlement on exchange
  • Injecting transparency to its native exchange through supervision of DTR and automated token burns
  • Successful initial token sale
  • Active team of developers working on DTR and the supporting ecosystem


  • Not available on all major trading markets

2. TenX (PAY)

TenX is another token from a long list of ERC20 type tokens hosted on Ethereum, however, TenX with a thicker PAY has an interesting objective behind it, which makes it stand out as an underrated token worth of investors’ attention. TenX tackled into the problem of making cryptocurrency-based payments a mainstream thing. This intention is reflected in the fact that TenX offers a form of cryptocurrency debit-card that works on the principle of converting available digital assets to enabled fiat currency. That way, instant payments through utilization of TenX crypto debit card are enabled.

TenX crypto debit card is based on VISA, having the card accepted in nearly 200 different countries across the world, which includes over 42 million places and stores where you can use TenX card to pay for goods and services. The card only supports USD from the list of fiat currencies, while it supports Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC). It is suggested by the TenX team that more fiat and cryptocurrencies would acknowledgment to the list of supported assets.

The team is also working on a demo that showcases instant swapping between PAY token and Bitcoin within COMIT network, however, despite the ambitious inclinations regarding TenX project, the team has been going through a bit of a turmoil regarding the shipment and delivery of TenX crypto debit cards, which might be slowing down the general development of TenX project and its ERC20 token, PAY. The team is working on a network called COMIT, but it yet remains unclear whether TenX (PAY) would be launched on COMIT mainnet after the initial launch or remain hosted as an ERC20 token on Ethereum mainnet.


  • Tapping into the mainstream usage of crypto-based payments
  • Dealing with crypto-to-fiat conversion through the use of TenX debit card
  • A well-determined function and role in the wider ecosystem of digital assets
  • TenX debit card is simple to use and supports some of the top cryptocurrencies
  • Active development team behind the project
  • Card supported in nearly 200 countries
  • Special TenX wallet available for storing PAY units


  • TenX debit card has a fixed fee paid in USD that may be high for users who only have access to ATMs that enable only small withdrawals
  • US-based citizens cannot own or use TenX crypto debit card

3. Mithril (MITH)

Mithril is an ERC20 type token with a thicker MITH, described as a social media platform located and hosted on Ethereum blockchain, also favoring the concept of social mining as a part of the project’s objective. The ultimate goal of Mithril (MITH) is to enable rewards for social media content creators, which means that the main intention of the development team behind MITH is to enable integration of Mithril into social media platforms. For now, social mining with MITH is enabled through PiePie and Yeemos – the pioneer platforms to support social mining.

The project is based on the fact that there are many interesting content creators that deserve to be rewarded through Mithril’s system of social mining, while the ability of these content creators to attract a great number of users and content consumers will result in rewards for Mithril ecosystem and partners. The main intention designed for MITH tokens is to use MITH as the native currency of Mithril social media platform where users would be able to pay with MITH units to unlock access to numerous services such as dating platforms and premium channels. Additionally, utilization of MITH tokens is set to distribute network rewards evenly in terms of social mining, which is slowly becoming more than a concept. Despite the fact that Mithril represents an ambitious project, the token might have some difficulties taking off at a rocket speed due to the fact that there are more than several projects working on the same objective.


  • Social networks represent a profitable sector so Mithril may find its well-deserved acknowledgment through its main objective
  • Fair reward distribution through social mining
  • Rewarding programs for content creators may attract a great base of users
  • Two platforms for social mining
  • MITH is designed for social media content rewarding but also for real-life spending and exchanging


  • There are more than several tokens and cryptocurrencies that have the same objective and cause as Mithril (MITH), some of which are Kin (KIN) and Reddcoin (RDD)
  • Mithril social media platform is still waiting on broader acknowledgment
  • Many Mithril project’s objectives are yet to be developed and established