Top 5 ICOs with the Biggest ROI: Top Underrated ICOs by Market Profitability

The fact that less than 50% of all cryptocurrency projects is actually successful serves as a perfect example to underline the significance of being careful when investing in startups. Many cryptocurrency startups have started out with a generic objective with intention to raise funds from investors without having previously worked out plan – some investors were well aware of that fact as more than 25% of the total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies is actually brought into the market by 10 cryptocurrency projects only. While crypto enthusiasts are usually interested in consensus mechanisms and blockchain architecture, investors who are working with cryptocurrency are likewise interested in ROI.

ROI, or return on investment, can be easily calculated by dividing the difference between investment gains and cost of investment, with the initial amount (cost) of investment. This way, you may follow up with profitability levels of crypto assets you are interested in. In the meantime, we have prepared a small compilation of top 5 ICOs with the biggest ROI in the category of underrated digital assets that could potentially make a profitable choice for making an investment.

1. Dynamic Trading Rights (DTR) – ROI 177%

Dynamic Trading Rights (DTR) is an ERC20 type token and a part of the wide Ethereum ecosystem. DTR is a native token to exchange and it serves the primary purpose of representing a way of settling fees on the exchange. The token was officially launched in 2017, collecting 15 million dollars during the initial fundraise. DTR has a flattering ROI set at 177%, starting off at the value of 0.01 USD to reaching 0.0277 USD only several months later. DTR took an upward turn and joined the rest of the cryptocurrency market in a major bull run where the majority of crypto assets including DTR, touched their all-time high values and reached the price peak.

ROI, return on investment increased for DTR in the year-long period to 180% despite the fact that the crypto dropped since reaching its all-time high of 0.21 USD. Moreover, with scoring a flattering ROI, DTR is also showing smooth progress in the market, showcasing 52% of gains in the year-long period between September 2018 and September 2019. DTR is also collecting gains on a daily, weekly and monthly level, scoring 80% of gains during September 2019 alone. Thanks to automatic burning of DTR units used for settlement of, the value of DTR in the live market of cryptocurrencies is regulated, which is how DTR may represent a favorable digital asset for investors who are hoping to add a profitable asset to their portfolio and take advantage of its ROI stats.

2. Ethos (ETHOS) – ROI 150%

Ethos (ETHOS) is described as “people-powered” blockchain and it has a goal to connect financial institutions to blockchain that way allowing people to easily use the perks of blockchain not only for making fast and cost-effective transactions, but also enabling creation of different decentralized applications. ETHOS token is the centerpiece of this ecosystem, working through Ethos Bedrock – a platform that connects financial institutions to blockchain. Ethos Bedrock has a special digital wallet with API tools for generating keys, blockchain for transactions, signature, broadcasting and verification, notification system that works on alerting users regarding the status of their transactions and any type of irregular transaction, and instant transacting through xLightning.

Ethos also found to enable institutions to verify identities and transaction sources, while creating a safe and secure environment for making transactions. What is more interesting to investors regarding ETHOS is a more than favorable ROI of 150%. ETHOS started out its initial token sale at the price of 0.03 USD, reaching the present value of 0.075 USD. Additionally, ETHOS touched an all-time high of 12.47$ back at the end of 2017 with the major crypto bull run. Despite the fact that ETHOS has a favorable ROI considering the initial sale price, the token is not showing a particularly favorable progress in the course between September 2018 and September 2019, marking -78% of losses.

3. Diamond Platform Token (DPT) – ROI 140%

Diamond Platform Token (DPT) is actually a stable coin much like perhaps a better-known Tether (USDT), backed by the US dollar. However, DPT is not backed by a fiat currency, but is instead supported by the value of diamonds expressed in cts. The system is created to enable fiat support for DPT crypto and create stability for Diamond Platform Token despite frequent fluctuations in the market which is probably the reason why DPT is able to showcase stability as opposed to less favorable market trends, as well as showcasing a favorable ROI. One DPT units is equivalent to 0.05 cts, while DPT scored 140% ROI since it was first launched.

The crypto known as Certified Diamond Token is created to act as a reserve of a material value, in this case backed by diamonds, and as such is considered a derivative, or a security token. During the initial token sale, DPT was priced at 5 USD, however, the crypto reached the value of over 14$ with an all-time high price recorded at 15.85 USD. Considering the fact that DPT didn’t go far below its all-time high, it can be concluded that DPT token possesses a flattering level of stability in the market of digital assets, additionally showing gains on daily, weekly and monthly basis with 2.4% of gains earned through September 2019.

4. Incent (INCNT) – ROI 73%

Incent (INCNT) is an Australian-based cryptocurrency project and it works based on incentives by rewarding users for spending, that way creating an entirely new mechanism that encourages spending by using INCNT tokens. The project also facilitates additional bonus rewards in the form of an affiliate program where all users who bring new users to the platform are being rewarded. The web application that Incent INCNT uses is said to be simple and user-friendly, encouraging blockchain development and cryptocurrency adoption, while the team behind INCNT claims that their token represents “Australia’s first cryptocurrency”. Incent has an interesting objective, but it also has a favorable ROI settled at 73% as INCNT started out at 0.095 USD during the initial token sale back in 2016 to reach the present value of 0.165 USD.

During the course between September 2018 and September 2019, INCNT cored nearly 80% in gains, showcasing a healthy progress in the market despite a dip on monthly charts recorded on September 2019. INCNT reached an all-time high of 0.970 USD, however, it hasn’t gone over the value of 1 USD by far.

5. Carry (CRE) – ROI 56%

Carry (CRE) is a blockchain project which uses blockchain to help merchants connect with their customers. The main idea behind creation of CRE token is to assure that merchants can easily connect with their customers, creating a special protocol that enables communication between merchants and consumers through a blockchain-based platform, also allowing consumers to make their own transactions without the presence of third parties. Another valuable point made by Carry project is offering a channel for advertising of goods and services made to be transparent and efficient in terms of enabling merchants to reach their targeted audiences.

The main goal is to allow full control over users’ data. The targeted market of the project is offline merchandise worth 25 trillion US dollars. Carry (CRE) is an ambitious project, but it also has a favorable ROI to show off for, scoring 56% ROI. The present price of CRE is 0.006 USD, while one ETH unit equals 65,000 CRE units. According to information available on Coin Gecko, Carry even reached an increased ROI to 120% since the token was first launched. CRE had an all-time high of 0.084 USD, however, the token is showcasing a downward trend, sinking on daily, weekly and monthly charts. The fact that Carry still makes a favorable investment despite the recent drops might be supported by its positive ROI.